‘Tis The Season…

Greetings –
When you’re finished untangling lights on the roof and sampling that new eggnog recipe, this can be a great time of year to think about getting organized for what’s ahead. Here are a few thoughts if a real estate transaction could be in your 2018 plans.

1. Tackle a project or two that you have been avoiding. Roof covered with moss? Driveway cracked and worn? Paint looking a little tired? This is a good time of year to talk to contractors. You can and idea of budgets and you may be able to use flexibility on timing to your advantage.

2. Discuss your financial options with an expert. Especially given the changing tax landscape, understanding all the financial ramifications of a transaction might cause you to consider alternative funding or financing options or open up completely new possibilities.

3. Get rid of some stuff. Less is more when getting ready to sell a house, so while you’re up in the attic getting the Christmas decorations, take a look around and don’t be shy about tossing some things you haven’t touched in years. You’ll never miss them and you might be shocked what you can sell on Craig’s List. (Hint: Your kids are not coming back to collect those Middle School science projects )

4. Take a drive. Whether you are thinking about moving to a new area or looking for something right in your neighborhood, go take a look around. WALK around somewhere you haven’t walked before and go to some open houses on a Saturday or Sunday. You’ll be surprised by what you learn about neighborhoods, housing options and even the neighbors!

5. Finally, give me a call (duh)! No matter where you are in the process a quick conversation to get all the options on the table and at least figure out what your current home is REALLY worth is always worth the time. (Hint: It’s probably not what Zillow says ) I can also give you some friendly advice on what to do – and not do – to get your place ready to sell and I’ve got resources to help you get started on any of the tasks above.

No matter what you’re doing, I hope you have a chance to slow down a bit and enjoy a joyous holiday season with friends and family.