Summer Days…

The stats don’t seem to change much, so I won’t waste time with a lot of numbers. Suffice it to say that real estate prices in our area continue to rise, inventory remains at record lows, and sellers remain in the catbird seat with most listings selling quickly and for more than the asking price. What else is new…

Though things are decidedly tilted in their favor, to achieve the best results sellers still need to be smart and strategic as they prepare to list a property. The better prepared, priced and marketed listings consistently attract the most attention and sell at the greatest premiums. There are pre-listing projects that sellers can ignore in a market like this, but the key is knowing which tasks will add to your ROI and which to let go. Getting (and following) some good advice on how to set your listing apart will reap big rewards on offer review day.

Obviously, things are more challenging for buyers in this market. It’s competitive, but someone wins the day and winds up buying every property put up for sale. In the immortal words of Russell Wilson, “Why not us?”. I’ve been involved in 4 successful purchases representing buyers in competitive multiple offer situations the past 30 days. In each case our success was at least partially due to an ability to create an advantage for my clients long before the offers were presented. We either had more information than other buyers or a better relationship with the listing agent…or both! As a buyer in today’s environment, there is no substitute for having an experienced, professional in your corner.

Give a call if you’d like to talk about these buyer or seller strategies in more detail. I can also fill you in on the market dynamics in your specific neighborhood – or the one you want to land in.

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