Spring Market Snapshot

Memorial Day is behind us and the spring real estate market is in full swing. Since I’ve sworn off griping about the lack of inventory I thought I would provide a snapshot of recent activity here on in the eastside. The numbers below show closed sales for the past 60 days in both the single family and condo markets in Bellevue and Kirkland.

Bellevue & Kirkland Closed Sales — Last 60 Days

Boiling it down, it’s still amazing how fast things are selling. In Bellevue over the past 60 days, two thirds of the single family homes that sold for less than $2M sold in less than 10 days. For homes under $1M in Kirkland it was 53%.

Our new construction market is also rolling. Ric Mangialardi and I recently sold the two Medina listings HERE and HERE. Both were over $3M and sold in less than 3 days. (Don’t worry,there’s more where those came from!)

The local condo market is also very competitive as downsizers make their presence felt in what has traditionally been a younger market. It’s also surprising to see how similar the numbers are for the Bellevue and Kirkland condo markets.

The market dynamics are similar throughout the area, but let me know if you would like to see the numbers for another market or neighborhood. You’d be surprised how quickly deals come together from a quick conversation.