Opportunity Knocks…

As many predicted, the spring real estate market is heating up and things are starting to look an awful lot like last year. The market remains heavily tilted in favor of sellers, and multiple offers and quick sales are the norm in many price points.
I continue to get lots of “where would I go” questions from folks thinking about selling their homes and considering their next moves. The most popular destinations seem to be Kirkland, downtown Bellevue and a few neighborhoods in Seattle. An increasing number of people are also thinking about selling, taking some money off the table and renting for a year or so while pondering their next move. This is an attractive financial model for lots of folks, and it also removes the timing pressure.
There are plenty of good options out there. You just have to know where to look and how to dig for them. Let me know if I can help. And should you decide to make a move have no fear, none of my clients have been left “homeless” yet!