Deja Vu All Over Again…

After a year or so that felt something like a balanced market things are heating back up. Heading into the spring selling season we’re back in the grips of strong seller’s market. Buyers, who had taken a breather are back in force, along with record low inventory and interest rates. Add in a roaring local economy that attracts thousands of high earners to our area every month and you recognize the familiar picture. So, here are some thoughts and a couple of new resources to help you successfully navigate the current market. 

As a Buyer At most price points and in most neighborhoods you are going to have to compete for desirable new listings. This means working with an agent who knows their way around a deal and how to present the strengths of your offer in the best possible light. (Hint: It’s not always price!) At the top of the to-do list is putting your finances in order. If you are financing your purchase it’s a good idea to work with a lender who can go beyond the standard pre-approval and get your loan fully underwritten in advance.

I know lenders who will guarantee to a seller that you will close quickly. Some will even promise to pay the sellers thousands should your transaction fail to close on time for some reason. Others will actually close on your behalf if needed and then transfer the house to you when the loan comes through. These are powerful programs that show sellers that you are solid and serious, which can help you compete with all cash offers and win deals.   

As a Seller While things are tilted in your favor, buyers are still discerning and properties that are poorly presented or overpriced will sit on the market. Pricing is critical and the way to maximize your return is to price your home fairly, not aggressively. It is nearly impossible to under-price your home in this market and I can show you how and why to set the price for the best result and return.

Three of my recent listings have sold in a matter of days. All three sellers addressed any maintenance issues before listing and went the extra mile to stage their houses for the market. All three also reviewed the market data and were smart and fair when pricing their homes. The result in each case was multiple offers, clean deals and sales well above the asking price.
If the hassle and cost of completing pre-listing “chores” is a deterrent, I can introduce you to vendors to do the work and a program that will front you all of the upfront costs , including staging. These expenses are then repaid out of your proceeds at closing with no additional fees or interest. Now THAT is full service!

There are ways to find success in any market. Let me know how I can help.