Change Is In The Air

In case you haven’t noticed, the days are getting shorter and a little wetter. The Huskies are back to their winning ways. (All streaks start with one in a row!) And the local real estate market has awakened from its summer slumber.

If a change could be in your future it’s a good idea to get ahead of the process by putting some pieces in place now, well in advance of any move. The local market is behaving rather “normally” lately, meaning there is some balance between buyers and sellers. Buyers are much more discerning and are taking the time to carefully consider offers – including contingencies – when bidding on properties. Smart sellers are adjusting to the market’s new equilibrium by dialing in asking prices and going the extra mile in preparing their homes for sale. Since a move requires most of us to be both buyers and sellers, here are some thoughts to help prepare from both perspectives.

As a buyer:
Talk with an agent well BEFORE you’re actually ready to make a move. Discuss your ideal target neighborhoods and have your agent take you to see some homes there. It’s critical to understand the nuances of a new neighborhood and to have a handle on exactly what your money will buy there before you are in the heat of a search for your next home. A good agent will also be able to work the back channels with potential sellers and other agents to gain intel and potentially early access to upcoming listings.

As a seller:
A good agent (Are you seeing the trend here?) can be a great resource as you consider your options and begin working through the selling process. There are many variables other than price to consider as you think through getting your house on the market. Timing, addressing deferred maintenance, making updates, etc. can all affect how quickly a home is sold and at what price. I can help you understand which improvements add value and which just add expense and I’ll also help with resources to get the needed work done quickly and inexpensively. Taking these steps in advance can make a big difference in the final outcome.
There are great opportunities out there right now for both buyers and sellers willing to do their homework and be prepared for current market conditions.

Let me know how I can help.