Low inventory, slowly rising prices and longer time on market have become the norm in much of our local real estate market. There is more balance between buyers and sellers, which has the market exhibiting more “normal” behavior — if there is such a thing. For example, seasonal cycles, which were less pronounced in the feeding frenzy market of recent years, are back and can create opportunities for savvy buyers.                 
Much of the typical year-end slowdown is the result of buyers simply taking a break. But for those willing to stay focused and in the game the slower pace creates opportunities by reducing competition for existing listings. Add sellers to the mix who for tax or other reasons may be eager to complete a deal this calendar year and smart, persistent buyers can find themselves faced with some attractive options. 
Right now there are plenty of active listings in desirable areas and in all price ranges that have been on the market for a while and could be poised for deals. So get me your wish list and we’ll put the plan in place to make it happen.