Opportunity Knocks…

After some adjustment during the second half of last year, the local real estate market remains strong and continues to roll along. Frustrated buyers have cooled demand just a bit, leading to an increase in inventory and a more balanced feel in the market in many neighborhoods and at many price points. Overall, it’s still a seller’s market and a great time to sell a home, but the move toward balance is creating great opportunities for smart buyers as well.

Operating in the white hot seller’s market of the past few years, many who were considering a move worried about selling and then not being able to find what they were looking for on the other side. In today’s less frenzied environment it can be much less stressful to be a buyer, especially with a good agent in your corner. For example, listings that have been on the market for a while can be fertile ground for deal making. With a little research and some conversation with the listing agent I can often gather enough useful information to kick start a deal. Below are a few listings in popular neighborhoods that have been sitting on the market for a while. Someone is going to buy them, and probably get a good value. As Russell Wilson might say, “why not you?”.




There are plenty more listings – and ideas – where these came from. Just say the word and I’ll be happy to go to work on your wish list.