Going Small…

It is probably a byproduct of my advanced age, but it seems like every day I talk to a friend or client who is either thinking about, talking about, or actively in the process of “downsizing”. The motivation usually comes from a desire to reduce the size of the house, the yard, the mortgage, the upkeep, the property taxes, or all of the above. The conversation invariably comes around to the question of what the options look like for interesting smaller homes.

Below are a few ideas that are probably not in the conventional consideration set.

Let me know what you think, and as they say, “Go small or go home.”

21st Century Urban Living

1200 Howell Street, Seattle

People camped out in line last week for the privilege of putting down a deposit on one of these condos, which are not scheduled to be complete until 2019. The building’s amenities and common areas are amazing, but the units priced in the $300,000s are under 500 square feet.

See details HERE

The Love Boat

2339 Fairview Avenue E, Seattle

This stunning 1,367 square foot house boat has one bedroom, one bathroom, cool outdoor spaces and views forever. It recently sold  for $2,000,000. Did I mention that it FLOATS?

Click HERE for more pics and details.

It Takes a Cottage

13324 111th Ct Redmond, WA

1,380 square foot cottage on two levels close to downtown Kirkland and Redmond. Amazing architecture and detail. Common grounds and clubhouse.
Recently sold for $640,000
Click HERE for more pics and details.